Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kinds of names to avoid

  1. Misleading name or abbreviations. Some time ago, I thought it was cool to name a variable that represents a Fuel Action Low Sequence Enzyme as FALSE. It is so easy to remember! Yet so confusing for the others or even for you after a while. The bottom line is: Never use this kind of abbreviations
  2. Names with similar meanings. To have fileIndex and fileNumber in the same place is a bad idea. There is no logical way to tell which is which.
  3. Different meanings, similar names. clientReps and clientRecs are hard to distinguish. They will probably create lots of confusion. Try to abbreviate differently or use synonyms.
  4. Similar-sounding names. Goal_Donor and Gold_Owner are tricky. It is hard to distinguish them in speech, so consider changing them.
  5. Numerals in names. There are few times when file1 and file2 are the most appropriate names. Almost in any case, you can do better than that.
  6. Names that are easily misspelled.I find myself typing cleint instead of client very often. This may not be a problem in a strong typed language used with a IDE that has auto-complete features, but it is a big problem in a weakly typed one. Because you never know in what program language you will program in 10 years, it is better to build healthy habits. Most English handbooks contain lists of commonly misspelled words.
  7. Do not differentiate only by letter capitalization. Even if most programming languages support this, it is probably a bad idea to do so. The "psychological" difference is too small.
  8. Avoid multiple languages. Decide on the natural language your program is written in. It is common to find names in many languages in multinational programs. And this is a big problem.
  9. Avoid using keyword names. Even if it sounds obvious, sometimes it happens. I had problems with SQL statements that used field names which where reserved keywords multiple times.
  10. Unrelated names. It is fun to see variable names like little_johnny, pookie, lex_luther. But this guarantees that nobody will understand what you mean. So express your humor in other ways.

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